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About FRAMESI©...

Shelves of Framesi ProductsFamily owned for over 50 years framesi has remained the worldwide leader in the field of tricologic (hair) cosmetics.

framesi© changed the history of hair color. framesi products are developed in the center of world fashion–Milan, Italy. This sophisticated, world-class influence for creating cutting-edge innovations in the world of fashion, art, culture and color are unmistakable.
framesi© has pioneered the use of European hair color in America. They were the first to emphasize the conditioning qualities of cream based color, low ammonia content to protect the natural shine and feel of the hair, and the predictability of the color bases and developers in achieving desired results. They continually research, test, and improve their products in the U.S., Japan and Italy.

framesi© distributes its products in over 70 countries throughout the world. Driven by the commitment to the professional salon industry framesi has remained dedicated to research, product development and stylist education.

Professionalism and Integrity…
Integrity n, 1. Uncompromising adherence to principles, honesty. 2. The state of being whole or entire.

One of the fundamental principles of framesi© Italian Style is that all products used by salon professionals must always protect and support the integrity of the hair.

As you can see from the dictionary definition quoted above, “integrity” means making no compromises. In terms of the hair, it means leaving the hair “whole and entire”, or in more familiar terms, healthy and undamaged.

All of framesi© chemical service products are formulated first and foremost as conditioning products. Knowing that every chemical service inevitably alters the hair to some degree, they begin all their formulas with conditioning bases. Then they complete these formulas with the highest quality ingredients, calibrated to achieve maximum effectiveness while putting the least amount of stress upon the hair. The result is highly conditioned, shining healthy hair.

Italian Style…
…is the total look of beauty encompassing seasonal fashion hair shapes including color and texture techniques…and seasonal make-up palettes. Each season framesi© presents proposal books, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, to provide me with the techniques to achieve the latest in hair and total fashion.

This information is from the framesi© Technical Manual.

My History with framesi©…
I started using framesi© in 1981, 2 years after it was introduced to the USA. Several years later I was asked to become an educator for the distributor. Before I could get trained another distributor took over the framesi© line and they weren’t looking for educators. By the time the previous distributor took it back my life went off in another direction – husband and stepchildren. In 2001 I was at a point in my life that was perfect for something new. Once again I was approached to become an educator for framesi©. I was a little apprehensive but I was encouraged to do it and I did. I was certified to teach in November 2001. It has been an absolutely fantastic experience to get together with about 50 educators from the western region for 4 days of update classes. The dedication and support is amazing. The satisfaction I feel every time I teach a class is worth the time and energy outside of the salon. The professionalism, quality, and integrity of framesi©, as a product and a company, is right in tune with how I operate my business and my life. I feel when I’m with framesi© I’m with family.

It is simply the best.